Solidarity race against Charcot’s disease (ALS)


Départ de la Course

On foot, rollerblades, scooter or wheelchair… A solidarity race open to all and to all means of transport aimed at highlighting the actions of the ARSLA and informing the general public about Charcot’s disease. At the Bois de Vincennes, with family or friends, get involved under the ARSLA banner to advance ALS research.

Three courses, for a total of 15 euros, are available to suit everyone’s pace:
– The 2 km accessible to all means of transport: by foot, rollerblade, scooter or wheelchair…
– The 4 km with a brand new timed course (accessible from 13 years old),
– The 10 km timed for the bravest and most athletic! (available from 16 years old). To participate in this 10 km race, a medical certificate is required.

Get involved as a family! A free course is available for children under 10 years of age:
– La Pitchoune solidaire, a 1 km race that allows children to participate like adults.


And why not combine this competition with a sightrunning tour of the city during your stay in Paris by running with authentic Parisian runner guides (warming up some day before the competition or recovering some day after)? Enjoy an original private tour, tailor-made for you:

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