Garmin Triathlon of Paris 2019


Triathlon of Paris 2018 – “A bicyclette !”

This time again, the 2019 Paris Triathlon edition brings us a new route (this is not the first change, remember, until 2012, the athletes were swimming in the Seine*) :

Route of the Paris Triathlon 2019

Route of the Paris Triathlon 2019

Your playground: Paris from top to bottom, swimming in the northeast, in the Villette basin, cycling across Paris: Saint-Martin canal, banks of the Seine and Boulogne woods in the west and running again in the northeast along the Ourq canal… beautiful landscapes…

Even if you do not participate, come as a spectator, it is often very impressive.

* Souvenirs : Videos of swimming in the Seine in August 2012 Vidéo 1 – Vidéo 2 – Vidéo 3

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