Global 6K for Water Paris 2018

  • 19 May 2018 — 10 h 00

  • 6 km
  • 28000 participants in 2017 all over the world
  • Video

Running for a good cause

2018: First edition of the 6K for Water in France.

Objective: 300 participants.

Launched in 2014 by the World Vision network (the world’s leading NGO sponsoring children), the Global 6K for Water arrives for the first time in France! This solidarity-based course, open to all, brought together 28,000 participants last year in 18 countries and ensured access to drinking water for 35,000 people.

Founded in 1950, World Vision supports 120 million children each year (with local NGOs and partners) in 4 areas: access to drinking water, food, health and education. Its aim is to make the communities autonomous. As such, the association favours the transfer of skills and the participation of local populations in all projects.

Why 6 km?
Every day, thousands of children in developing countries travel about 6 kilometres to fetch water because they lack access to this precious resource in their homes.
On May 19, 2018, be part of the global movement and cover these 6 km so they no longer have to. 🙂

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