Endorun Paris 2018


On Sunday, November 18, 2018, hundreds of runners, including the singer Imany, will start the ENDOrun Paris, the first race dedicated to endometriosis, a poorly known disease that affects more than 3 million French people and 180 million women around the world. Involved for several years in raising awareness and various works to improve the management of this pathology, Imany and the ENDOmind association are now organizing the first edition of a running competition which will aim to raise funds for research projects on the disease.

The ENDOrun Paris is a 10km race in the Bois de Vincennes (12th district of Paris) which will start at 10am from the Jacques Anquetil Velodrome. As running is booming, ENDOmind is counting on this opportunity to raise awareness among a wide audience during an event that is resolutely festive. In addition to the race itself, activities around the disease will take place in the velodrome.

Open to runners from all walks of life, with or without endometriosis, this event will highlight the disease more clearly and will also provide an opportunity to bring together all the people concerned more directly: women, their families, their close and professional entourage.

The organization of ENDOrun Paris arouses the enthusiasm of the patients that ENDOmind represents, as well as that of its first partners committed to its side: the “Mairie de Paris 12”, “Les Foulées du 12”, the Sports Federation of ASPTT, the association “Mon Endométriose Ma Souffrance Métropole”, GenSearch, Coloplast, Nordic Pharma…).

Sport is often a significant element in the management of the illness in the daily lives of women with the disease, and the commitment and surpassing oneself necessary to participate in such an event reflect the values defended by the association.

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