The 20K of Paris 2021


Passage in front of the Arc de Triomphe around the 2nd kilometer

Another great race is back, the classic “20 km de Paris”!
We are happy to welcome back this great race with its beautiful animations, and of course, a sensational course, departure and arrival at the Eiffel Tower, circuit avenue Foch, Bois de Boulogne and both sides of the Seine…

Be careful, if you do the Paris Marathon, it takes place one week later. With the many postponements due to the health crisis, many spring races are added to those of the autumn. With one week to go, if your goal is the marathon, use the Paris 20km as a quiet training session, resist the temptation to perform during this 20km, it can compromise your goal at the marathon… we all know that, but on race day, it’s hard to reason… so be careful here! 😉

Come and participate or cheer! To support, place yourself at the entrances or exits of the tunnels, it is an interesting sight or take advantage of the bridges to see your loved ones as they pass on the right bank and then on the left bank (route in link).


And why not combine this competition with a sightrunning tour of the city during your stay in Paris by running with authentic Parisian runner guides (warming up some day before the competition or recovering some day after)? Enjoy the best running routes in Paris with an original private tour, tailor-made for you:

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