The 10K of Paris Center 2019

Prestigious start in the superb avenue de l'Opéra

Prestigious start in the superb avenue de l’Opéra

Update November 12, 2019: the race originally scheduled for Sunday, November 17 has been postponed to Sunday, November 24

Superb race especially for the places it crosses. One of the best running routes in Paris for a competition (like the 10 km Adidas Paris).
In previous years (except in 2016), the start and finish took place on avenue de l’Opéra, with the beautiful Opéra Garnier in front of the runners at the start, passage rue de Rivoli, Place Vendôme, passage in front of the Louvre, beautiful monuments all along the route, very pleasant to contemplate even if you are in a hurry…
This year too, the itinerary promises to be magnificent (see link).
Competitive race, the route is relatively flat.

In 2018, the race having been cancelled, the links given here point to the 2017 (or earlier) documents, images, videos and results.

Souvenir of Paris-Centre 2007

Souvenir of Paris-Centre 2007 – Victory in my new age category, VH2 (I was still in the 35′ at the time…)



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