10 km Adidas Paris 2018


ADIDAS 10K PARIS – Shooting – February 2018 A.S.O / Pauline Ballet

The now classic “10 km L’Equipe” becomes this year the 10 km Adidas, Adidas strengthening its presence in the world of running in Paris.
Many runners for this 10 km (more than 16000 in 2017). Even if the price of the inscription is high compared to certain districts 10 km which still survive, this 10 km presents a magic route in Paris which it is difficult to resist: start place de la Concorde, Madeleine, Opera Garnier, street of Rivoli, banks of the Seine and the arrival in front of the Eiffel Tower on the bridge of Iena !
One of the best running routes in Paris for a competition (like The 10K of Paris Center).

The concept of the race is to make a “battle” between different districts of Paris (no more classifications by categories, pity…)
Many animations are planned.
So, let’s celebrate the Parisian pavement and its prestigious streets and avenues!

10 km Adidas

10 km l’Equipe 2017 – In 2018, the race goes the other way


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