6:28 AM With Sonia, from Munich, Germany, we started from the Montparnasse district. In Paris for business, running in the early morning is a good way to enjoy the city. It is a pity being in a city for a business trip with no time to see around… Sight-jogging could be a good solution. So, we started Boulevard Pasteur to join the Invalides, went along the river Seine and got back to the hotel through the “Quartier Latin” (Latin quarter). In a good shape to start a meeting! Merci Sonia!

On our way:
Have you seen the film “Inception”? You surely remember the scene when the city was folding! We ran very near the place where the scene was shot, enjoying the Hausmannian style of the buildings of the 7th arrondissement (one of the richest district of Paris). Compare the film picture and the Google streets view below:

The route of the tour: 
Clicking, your can display Sonia’s route on a bigger map

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