Place de la Bastille – Colonne de Juillet – Jannicke

7:57 AM With Jannicke from Oslo (Norway), we started from “Le Marais” district and went to the canal St-Martin by the “place de la République”, then reached the “place de la Bastille” and the Arsenal Marina, a yachting harbor, with several house barges floating on the quiet water.
We enjoyed running in the cold morning (around +3°C, for October, a relatively cold temperature in Paris), went around the “place des Vosges” and then finished along the bank of the river Seine a few meters from the Notre Dame cathedral with a nice rising sun. Merci Jannicke!

On our way:
On the “Place de la Bastille” stands the “Colonne de Juillet” (the July Column).
The monument commemorates the Revolution of 1830 (and not the 1789 one), the “three glorious” days in July 1830 that saw the beggining of the “July Monarchy” of Louis-Philippe (and the fall of Charles X of France)
This column, with “Le Génie de la liberté” (The Spirit of Freedom) at the top, is inspired from the Trajana Column in Rome. Another Column in Paris is also inspired from the Roman Column, visible in the centre of the “Place Vendôme”, with this time, dressed as a Roman Emperor, Napoleon at the top!
We already talked about the Bastille, see there.
The route of the tour:
You can display Jannicke’s tour on a bigger map

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