Debbie – With the Statue of Liberty on the “Ile aux cygnes”, Paris
5:57 AM – With Debbie, from Melbourne Australia, we started very very early coming from the “far south-west” of Paris, running all along the river Seine to join the Trocadero place, cross the Iena bridge, go under the Eiffel tower, run on the Champ de Mars and then go back to the hotel going through the 15th arrondissement (French for district) by the famous “rue du Commerce”.
On our way, we saw the Statue of Liberty, a small version of the New-York one.
Do you remember the Roman Polansky film, “Frantic”? At the end, Harrison Ford completely lost in Paris, just kidnapped, laying in a barge, opens his eyes and sees above him the Statue of Liberty… “Where am I now?! …”
Thank you, Debbie!
The route of the tour:
You can display Debbie’s tour on a bigger map

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