Bill and Emily – Palais-Royal


9:03 AM – With Bill and his daughter Emily, from Albany (USA), we explored Paris by drawing two loops around the islands of La Cité and Saint-Louis, right bank then left bank.
It is at a good pace, the family of Bill and Emily being very sporting, that we discussed of Paris, the running and the new possibilities of visits, the archeological crypt near Notre Dame, the Sainte-Chapelle and the Conciergerie, the Louvre entering by the Carousel, the Panthéon, the “Jardin des Plantes”, …

Passing by the Palais-Royal, we also evoked the small cannon of the garden. It was a watchmaker who, in 1786, installed this small cannon on the meridian of Paris. When it was present, the sun, through a correctly directed magnifying glass, lit the fuse every day at noon. The thunder of the cannon indicated the hour of noon to the neighborhood.Nowadays, the original cannon having been stolen, a copy replaces it. Lit electrically, it thunders every Wednesday at noon, for the biggest enjoyment of the Parisian. If you can, go to see it, otherwise here it is, filmed:

Merci Emily! Merci Bill! Merci Alison!

The route of the tour :


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