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The internet sites and are published by the Paris Running Tours company.
Company – Jean-Charles Sarfati – Commerce registration N° 522 717 065 00018
Address: 30 rue Miollis 75015 PARIS – Tél. : +33 (0)6 02 11 52 10
Owner of the brand name Paris Running Tour (INPI – National Brand Name Register – Registration date 14/02/2008 – N° 3555921)
Due to a limited annual income status, this company does not charge VAT. VAT is not applicable.

General terms and conditions

Description of proposed services

The website offers guided running tours in Paris to people who enjoy jogging, on circuits which enable them to discover the most beautiful Parisian sites, for a fee which is detailed on the Prices page.

Steps to take when booking a tour and booking deadlines

Online customers have the possibility to book by clicking on “BOOK NOW” which is on each page of the website.

Online customers may then propose a date and time for the circuit they have chosen. This booking must be confirmed at the latest 48 hours before the date chosen by the customer.
The website will give details of availability within 24 hours of the booking request. If there are no availabilities for the requested date/time, will propose other dates or times which are available.
If there are availabilities for the requested date/time, will confirm the booking by email and send a PAYPAL payment request (unless the online customer has chosen to pay in cash at the end of the tour).
The customer will then receive confirmation of the booking with the date, time and meeting place


In case of force majeure may to decide to cancel the tour that has been booked. In this case, if no solution can be found for another date will give the online client a full refund.
In the event of cancelation by the online customer, will only give a refund if the conditions do not permit an enjoyable tour (heavy rain, storms, pollution…).

Highway Code, respecting rules and Health cannot be held responsible for an incident or an accident which may occur during the running tour.
The online customer agrees to follow the guide’s instructions and to respect the Highway Code as well as any cautionary rules regarding other users of the Parisian thoroughfare cannot be held responsible for a health problem occurring before, during or after a running tour.
By booking a tour, the online customer is choosing to partake in a physical activity. He/she must ensure that he/she is in good health and runs regularly. He/she must be conscious of his/her physical limits and agrees not to attempt to exceed them, either by slowing down or stopping before becoming injured. He/she also agrees to warn the guide.
The online customer is conscious that he/she is running in a city and sharing the public thoroughfare with pedestrians and regular traffic. He/she must therefore obey the Highway Code as well as traffic lights and respect the security instructions given by the guide. do not impose a minimum distance, length or speed.
The online customer must consult a doctor before booking a tour if he/she has any doubt on his/her state of health or current capacity to run

Online payment

Payments for booking a running tour on are made online, using a PayPal payment request.
After receiving the booking, will send the online customer the PayPal payment request.
When making a booking, if the customer does not wish to pay online, he/she may choose the option to pay in cash at the end of the tour.


Paris Running Tours data collection, retention and protection policy in accordance with the European GDPR (“General Data Protection Regulation”)

Article I. Data controller

Jean-Charles Sarfati, owner and manager of Paris Running Tours, is in charge of the site, the management of the Paris Running Tours activity and the data handled to manage the activity.
The Web Developer Guillaume L. of Wolfgang Editions has developed the website and may have temporary access to the information contained on the site in order to make changes, corrections or adaptations to the site.

Article II. Data collection

The data of our customers are collected by means of forms of our Web site allowing, either to reserve a tour or to offer a tour as a gift voucher, or to obtain information about the tours realized by Paris Running Tours. These data are either personal data, data relating to the completion of the tour, for example date and time requested, or questions relating to our activity.
Alternatively, our customers can provide us with the same data by contacting us directly by email and answering our questions to permit the booking of tours.

Article III. Data storage

The collected data are stored in three places:
1. Within WordPress in the Forms module in the submission list of requests and reservations.
2. In the messaging system of Paris Running Tours (… within the emails used to remind our customers of the various elements of the reservation during our exchanges with them, allowing them to check the elements provided.
3. Within the Excel file for Paris Running Tours tracking, located on the desktop PC of Paris Running Tours.

Article IV. Personal data protection

For point 1. of article III, WordPress, the form reservations list, like all the accesses to the Paris Running Tours website, are protected by a “complex” password of more than 20 characters containing upper and lower-case letters, numbers and punctuation characters. This password is changed regularly. It is known only by the data controller (see Article I). A temporary password is sent to the “WebDeveloper” (see article I) when the site is to be upgraded or corrected (the form submission lists are then previously deleted). Apart from site development work, submission lists are regularly deleted (every two months) by the data manager.
For point 2 of article III, Messaging system, the data stored in historical emails are protected in the same way as the entire Paris Running Tours messaging system by a “complex” password that is changed regularly.
For point 3 of article III, tracking Excel file, the desktop PC is located in the premises of Paris Running Tours and protected by a password. The file is saved in the same way as all the data of this desktop PC in external hard disks remaining in the premises of Paris Running Tours.

Article V. Personal data collected
  1. First name(s) and Last name(s) of the participants in our tours
  2. Mailing address (address, postal code, city, state, country)
  3. E-mail
  4. Telephone
Article VI. Use of personal data

Personal data are used to ensure the reservation and good execution of the tours, communication by email, by phone (SMS or voice), or even postal mail, but are not used in any case to set up “Newsletters”, automated mail or regular reminders.
This communication is always “manual” in the sense that it does not involve automatic procedures. The e-mails are sent in a unitary and individualized way, it is the same for the telephone calls or possibly postal mails (even if they are rare, they exist following good relations established with our customers at the time of our tours – for example for the sending of printed memories, good wishes, etc.)

Article VII. Destruction of personal data

The data are kept indefinitely (except for point 1. of article III) and this, essentially, in order to allow the continuation of good relations established during our tours with our visitors (for example, we continue to exchange with customers met more than 7 years ago).
At any time, information concerning a particular customer can be forwarded to him at his request. To do so, simply send an e-mail to
If a Paris Running Tours customer considers that the data storage conditions set out above are not sufficient to protect his personal data, he may at any time request Paris Running Tours to delete them by sending an e-mail to
Paris Running Tours will then delete all personal data of this customer at all places where this data is stored (Article III. Data Storage): destruction of WordPress submission lines (regardless of regular purge), destruction of all emails containing personal data of this customer, destruction of all lines of the Excel file tracking containing this data.
It goes without saying that, these data having been destroyed, Paris Running Tours will no longer be able to correspond with this customer or organize tours for this customer.

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