For a Running Tours guide, it is always a great pleasure to run with runners from all over the world and a great joy to share our city. Fanny from Montreal came to meet us for a touristic jogging in Paris. Actually, Fanny created Coureurs Montréal Runners and, as we do, very much appreciates to show her city to the runners who come to visit Montreal.

Therefore, we talked about our experiences and of course, visited Paris in a sports way. We wanted to give a Canadian touch to our route:

We went to see the beautiful flag of the Canadian Embassy, in the very luxurious Avenue Montaigne,
Fanny - Ambassade du Canada à Paris

Fanny – Canadian Embassy in Paris

we then joined the “place du Canada” (which is very close to a famous Parisian monument…),
Fanny - Place du Canada

Fanny – “Place du Canada” in Paris


in the “Palais Royal” garden, we appreciated the work of the Quebecker Michel Goulet, the “Confidents”,
Les confidents.

The poetic confident. Come with your headphones, plug them and listen to the poems

and we finished our tour “place du Québec” in the “Saint-Germain des Près” area where we admired Charles Daudelin’s work, “l’Embâcle” (ice jam) which evokes the melting ice of the St. Lawrence River:




Merci Fanny !
Place du Canada

Place du Canada. In the back, statues of Samuel Champlain and Jacques Cartier


We had the pleasure to run with our counterparts in London and Stockholm. Remember the Parisian tour we did with Hope from City Jogging Tour in London and the one ran in Stockholm with Hanna.

If we go to Montreal, we will visit for sure this beautiful Canadian city with Fanny. Do a tour with!


You come to or you are in Paris, we will be very happy to run with you. Join us:

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