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French Revolution Tour

Detailed sheet of the tour

Distance :
approx. 20 kms
Duration :
approx. 120 min
Departure point :
your hotel or the Place de l'Etoile
Difficulty :
Days and times :
Sundays/6 am to 12 am

Re-discover a major part of French history courtesy of Paris Running Tours. This tour let you discover many places witnesses of the French Revolution History.

The most beautiful places of French Revolution Tour :

The Louvre Palace - the Tuileries Gardens - the Place de la Concorde - the Champs Elysées - the Place de l'Etoile - Café Procope - Bastille

French Revolution Tour

For every booking you make, we proudly present you with :

. photos done for you by the guide during the tour
. a map of the route prepared for the tour


"It was too much! We had a ball! Running under the Eiffel Tower will remain a magic moment."

Tom, Nico & Luca, Marseille

tom nico luca


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